Lockhartia lunifera – 365 days of orchids – day 1273

This unusual speciesĀ  has a long flowering period every summer. but until today I hadn’t noticed that the flower looks remarkably like a Mexican cowboy in chaps and a sombrero!!! or am I seeing things? The species is native to South and Central America and it grows long stems of overlapping short pointed leaves similar […]


Pyramidal Orchids

My sister Issy, and I have been using our time in lockdown to explore the countryside around where we live on the outskirts of Radstock. On our daily walk yesterday we were delighted to come across a small population of Pyramidal orchids, Anacamptis pyramidalis, growing amongst a meadow of Oxeye daisies – we counted seven […]


Cuitlauzina pendula (Odontoglossum pendulum) – 365 days of orchids – day 1271

The greenhouse is once again graced by the elegant sprays of large flowers from Cuitlauzina pendula. The name pendula is well chosen as the flower spikes are dramatically pendulous which in the wild would hang the flowers below the branch the plant grows on. This species which used to be known as Odontoglossum citrosmum is […]