A Victorian Botanical Find

Yesterday I visited Shepton Mallet antiques fair. On one of the stalls I found these beautiful, hand coloured  pages taken from a Victorian botanical book.  Before the internet, television or coloured photography, how wonderful it would have been to look at these coloured illuminations of new botanical discoveries from far away places. The colours are […]


Pods and Seeds

I decided to water the greenhouse very early this morning .  It was lovely and cool at 6.30am compared with yesterday afternoon’s 40 degrees, in Cool Asia. I don’t think the Coelogynes and Dendrobiums mind too much as long as they had plenty of water. Whilst watering I always look for pests so that anything […]


A Summer of Propagation

Whilst watering at lunchtime today I noticed the Dendrobium jonesii orchids that were created when Simon split a larger specimen in the spring.  When in bloom the flowers are similar to Dendrobium speciosum but the orchid is smaller. Above is a photo of Dendrobium Jonesii and below Dendrobium speciosum. There are now a number of […]