A brilliant day with Hettie and Nicky from the Eden project

Today was a full on orchid day with our visitors from the Eden Project, Hettie and Nicky, coming to learn more about orchids and their propagation. The Orchid Project Team ran a range of workshop sessions – greenpod seed sowing (above photo) re-plating in-vitro, mounting plants, orchid care and an orchid treasure hunt. The team […]


365 days of orchids – day 277 – Dendrobium fairchildiae

This is a very large growing Dendrobium native to the Philippines. The species grows pendulous pseudobulbs more than 2m long that become deciduous before flowering over a period of several years. The flowers are produced simultaneously on old bulbs aged from around two to five years old and form clusters near the end of the bulbs. […]


365 days of orchids – day 276 – Trichopilia turialbae

This is a warm growing species from Central America found from Nicaragua to Panama and the nearby regions of Colombia. The short lived but very attractive and fragrant flowers are produced from the base of newly matured bulbs and in common with most Trichopilia the lip is very large compared to the other petals and sepals. […]