365 days of orchids – day 302 – Aerangis verdickii

This Aerangis species is found right across central and east Africa where it grows in woodland and copes with seasonal dry periods by storing water in its thick roots which form an extensive root system over time. It has grey green, waxy leaves also evolved to reduce water loss. The large waxy flowers have 16cm spurs. […]


365 days of orchids – day 301 – Holcoglossum wangii

We have had this warm growing species native to southern China and Vietnam in our collection for sixteen years and the plant produces a single flower spike each autumn with large delicate flowers. The leaves are thin and terete suggesting a dryish natural habitat although it is reported to grow on mossy conifers in open but […]


365 days of orchids – day 298 – Stelis patinaria

  Stelis patinaria is another stelis species endemic to Ecuador and its cloud forests. This species produces two opposite rows of flowers on each spike reminiscent of little bird’s beaks and the ginger red colour contrasts wonderfully with the glossy green leaves. The mossy basket here shows the conditions we grow the plant in. We […]