Sumptuous Stripes and Dots

Sumptuous is the Writhlington word of the week and here is our collection of sumptuous, stripy and dotty orchids in the greenhouse this week.  To start off our display of luxurious orchids is Cymbidium tracyanum, just come into flower, looking like it is sprinkled with cinnamon. The little Restrepia orchids repotted during the summer holidays […]


Slippery Floors

From time to time our greenhouse floors become slippery.  This is caused by naturally occurring algae growing on them.  It is particularly bad after the summer when bright sunlight seems to stimulate the algae into growth.  The nutrients in our orchid feed not only feed our orchids but our algae too. In our greenhouse we […]


Barbie World

  The greenhouse is alive with Barbie pink this week.  If you like the smell of chocolate Oncidium ornithorhynchum is the orchid for you.   It is native to Central America and we grow it in Cool Americas. I think it makes a lovely house plant with it’s delicate pink flowers Cattleya bowringiana is still flowering […]