This is the second article about culture at the Orchid Project. The vital topic of temperatures. We run our greenhouse at a range of temperatures to allow us the grow a diverse range of species and each section is based on one or two of the habitats we have experienced on our expeditions to South […]


365 days of orchids – day 684 – Pleurothallis tuerkheimii (smaller form)

Last month we featured our large clone of Pleurothallis tuerkheimii¬†and today we feature the smaller growing and pendulous clone. The natural habitat of the species is damp forests and cloud forests from Mexico to Panama between 700m and 2400m altitude. As I explained last month, this broad natural range supports our observation that this is […]


365 days of orchids – day 683 – Aerangis biloba

Our Aerangis species were much admired at the British Orchid Show and for good reason. They are compact plants that produce impressive flowers and look particularly arresting when grown mounted to show of the lovely roots and generally pendulous habit. Aerangis biloba is the Aerangis we find the easiest to succeed with. It is a […]