Sunday Greenhouse Amble

This Sunday morning was a bit gloomy but on entering the greenhouse from the cold and damp I was hit by the wonderful aroma of  Cattleya labiata.  To me it has a perfume similar to that of a rose and it is a truly wonderful smell.  I wish someone would invent a smelly phone so […]


Pleurothallis lynniana

Many of our orchids in the Writhlington greenhouse are  unlabelled or are just labelled SP as this Pleurothallis was.  Now it is the proud owner of not just one but two labels, just incase one is lost.  This is thanks to Sean Barton who identified the Pleurothallis SP as Pleurothallis lynniana.  Thank you very much […]


Singing Palliolata

This morning, in Somerset,  it was cold and frosty.  On entering my greenhouse I was relieved to find that it was warmer than inside my own house. My orchids were safe, warm and cosy and my pleurothallis palliolata were silently singing at me.  Simon always said he thought the flowers looked like lizard heads but […]