Zoe Barnes

Website Role: editor-plus

I am Zoe Barnes and I have been with the project for 3 years now. I am in charge orchids with the genus of Prosthecheas, Sophronitis, and Encyclia. I have also been to Durban south Africa to the BGCI conference with the project.

Website: http://mygarden.rhs.org.uk/

I am traveling South America at the moment and, along with other places, Peru. While out here I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Peru floras lab and nursery. I really enjoyed seeing there methods and techniques. Thank you Manolo and his team for showing me around.


Getting distracted

Although Heather and I are here to teach, you can’t over look the fact this is a college of conservation and environmental management.  With Heather’s degree being on conservation biology and mine on environmental science, sometimes the books the students bring to are workshops are a little distracting.


Sinky seed

The KCCEM orchid project has been running quite a while now, with Heather and me being here for almost 3 months.  In that time we have covered most techniques.  However most of the seed we have been sowing has been floaty seed, it is about time we tried sinky seed.  With most of the method being […]



After finding our compost we deflasked some of our seedlings.  We took out 2 jars of plants that were 2 years old and ready to be potted up, and a few smaller ones which unfortunately had contaminated.  The big ones are now at home in the shade house above the library, and the smaller ones […]