Zoe Barnes

Website Role: editor-plus

I am Zoe Barnes and I have been with the project for 3 years now. I am in charge orchids with the genus of Prosthecheas, Sophronitis, and Encyclia. I have also been to Durban south Africa to the BGCI conference with the project.

Website: http://mygarden.rhs.org.uk/


Today we have done some great shopping at the market, I can’t give to many details as most of it is presents, but some of it is small and sweet, and we even found a spoon big enough for Jacob.


Strength Hike

As many of you know, as part of our ‘down time’ we went on a 6 hour strength hike, of 10km through the mountains. It was quite hard, however the 4 waterfalls, monkeys and many orchids were a good reward.