Zoe Barnes

Website Role: editor-plus

I am Zoe Barnes and I have been with the project for 3 years now. I am in charge orchids with the genus of Prosthecheas, Sophronitis, and Encyclia. I have also been to Durban south Africa to the BGCI conference with the project.

Website: http://mygarden.rhs.org.uk/

Replate Media

Having used up all the replate media replating, so we had to teach them how to make replate media. The students were all hands on, and are understanding the concepts of sterile and, how to create those conditions. Hopefully the next replate session we will have power all the way through, so we will get […]



We had our first go at replating with lots of people having a go. People learnt quickly and it was lovely to see the students explaining it to fellow students if they didn’t understand our English. We had a bit of trouble as the power cut out half way through which meant we had a […]


Hunt for Compost

We started by finding small chips of charcoal from the kitchens, and then we put the smallest wood chips which we found near the KCCEM road where the saw milling activity has taken place.  And then we made a mixture of those chips of wood and charcoal, ready for the orchids to be potted into. […]