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365 days of orchids – day 337 – Masdevallia polysticta

One of December’s highlights is the flowering of this clone of Masdevallia polysticta. The species is variable in colour and we have yellow and white forms as well as this clone with purple spots and yellow tails. Masdevallia polysticta is a smallish growing Masdevallia with broad leaves about 12cm long and 30cm flower spikes that […]


365 days of orchids – day 335 – Isabelia pulchella

Isabelia puchella is another of our delightful miniature species from the Mata Atlantica, Brazil. Isabelia pulchella has a very different growth habit to Isabelia virginalis (day 330) but similar pretty flowers about 15mm across. The plant forms a mass of small single leaved pseudobulbs each 3cm away from the previous bulb. We find that this […]


365 days of orchids – day 334 – Masdevallia lehmannii

We have another fragrant species today. Masdevallia lehmannii is a multi-flowered Masdevallia species native to humid forests in Ecuador and Colombia at 2200-2400m altitude. The flowers have a strong sweet honey fragrance which we can’t think we have noticed in and other Masdevallias we grow. The flowers are attractively spotted and with the pendulous tails […]