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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

365 days of orchids – day 726 – Maxillaria meleagris

We haven’t featured this interesting little species on 365 days before. It is another reliable winter flowerer and at its best this week. This species is closely related to one of our favourites Maxillaria praestans (below) which flowers in the summer. Maxillaria meleagris is a little smaller growing with smaller flowers but makes a lovely […]


Working with our new partners at the Living Rainforest

Yesterday afternoon Mendip Studio School students made their first visit to meet partners at the Living Rainforest near Thatcham. The group included students working on plant projects and reptile projects in their Mendip R & D sessions. Plant group students toured the site with horticulturalists Peter Clark and Charlotte May-Miller, learning about the amazing diversity […]


365 days of orchids – day 724 – Acampe papiliosa

The is a great diversity amongst the asian relatives of Vanda. This species producesĀ a medium sized plant with relatively small but highly fragrant flowers. The species is native the the Eastern Himalayas through South East Asia and we have seen the species growing in lowland forests in Southern Laos where plants experience hot wet summers […]


365 days of orchids – day 723 – Barkeria whartoniana

As usual in December our Warm Americas section is dominated by barkeria species including Barkeria skinneri, Barkeria lindleyana and this species which is smaller flowered but very floriferous. Barkeria whartoniana is native to Oaxaca state, Mexico, where it grows in dry deciduous forest either as an epiphyte of on rocks . As a result it […]