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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

Pleurothallis sarracenia – 365 days of orchids – day 1969

Yesterday I mentioned that this little beauty won 2nd Pleurothallis here at the Malvern Show. Pleurothallis sarracenia is a small growing species from the Mata Atlantica, Brazil with 1cm long leaves that hug the bark it grows on, and unusual dark purple flowers with just a tiny opening for the pollinating ant to enter the […]


Awarded plants at the Malvern International Orchid Show

Lots of p[eople have been asking for plant details on our display so here are the award winners 1st Laeliniae – Cattleya purpurata ‘venosa’ 1st Dendrobium – Dendrobium victoria regina 1st Phalaenopsis – Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi and 2nd Phalaenopsis – Phalaenopsis equestris 1st Pleurothallis – Scaphosepalum verrucosum, 2nd Pleurothallis – Pleurothallis sarracenia, Merit – Pleurothallis fulgens […]


Orchid project wins Best Trade Display Malvern International Orchid Show

Pupils are celebrating winning ‘Best Trade Display’ at this year’s Malvern International Orchid Show. Congratulations to the ex-students who put together the wonderful display and all the students, staff and volunteers responsible for growing the plants. Todays show team from Years 7, 9 and 12 have done a wonderful job presenting our orchids to the […]