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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

Awarded plants at the Malvern International Orchid Show

Lots of p[eople have been asking for plant details on our display so here are the award winners 1st Laeliniae – Cattleya purpurata ‘venosa’ 1st Dendrobium – Dendrobium victoria regina 1st Phalaenopsis – Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi and 2nd Phalaenopsis – Phalaenopsis equestris 1st Pleurothallis – Scaphosepalum verrucosum, 2nd Pleurothallis – Pleurothallis sarracenia, Merit – Pleurothallis fulgens […]


Orchid project wins Best Trade Display Malvern International Orchid Show

Pupils are celebrating winning ‘Best Trade Display’ at this year’s Malvern International Orchid Show. Congratulations to the ex-students who put together the wonderful display and all the students, staff and volunteers responsible for growing the plants. Todays show team from Years 7, 9 and 12 have done a wonderful job presenting our orchids to the […]


Angraecum magdalenae – 365 days of orchids – day 1966

We are delighted with the diversity of orchids on our Malvern International Orchid Show display this week. The orchids of Madagascar are represented by this magnificant cool growing species. Angraecum magdalenae from the mountains of central Madagascar is one of our most rewarding orchid species, and this large plant that we have had since 1998, […]