Odontoglossum hallii-elegans – 365 days of orchids – day 1961

Yesterday evening we had a visit from Keynesham Wildlife group and it was a treat to be able to share our diversity of flowering orchids with them, including this dramatic Odontoglossum species.

Odontoglossum hallii-elegans is native to Ecuador and forms a large growing plant with long spikes of 8cm wide flowers. Odontoglossums have now been included in Oncidium but as a genus Odontoglossum is useful as the species that were included share cultural requirements – cool, damp shade similar to their cloud forest homes – that differs from the majority of Oncidium species that come from lower altitudes and dryer forests.

We find Odontoglossum species do particularly well hung in baskets and watered daily throughout the year. We grow the species in our Cool Americas section.


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