Ant, Midge, Moth, Fly, Butterfly, Wasp, Hummingbird & Bee Pollination at Bristol Botanic Garden

This weekend is Bristol Botanic Garden’s Bee and Pollination festival. As usual it was up to Writhlington to prove that bees are not the only pollinators.  Simon and Otto joined us to help with our quest.  We set at off at 7am, from the Writhlington greenhouse, with Simons van loaded with orchids.  Much to Simon’s […]


Charles Darwin at Home

Charles Darwin lived at Down House, Orpington Kent, from 1842 until he died in 1882.  He shared the house with Emma his wife and ten children.  Unfortunately English Heritage did not allow photography in the house. Here is a photo of the house from the garden. Charles Darwin came from a wealthy family.  His father […]


Bee and Pollination Festival at Bristol Botanic Garden

This weekend Writhlington Orchid Project will be attending Bristol Botanic Gardens Bee and Pollination Festival. We will have a display featuring some of our beautiful orchids and information about their unusual pollinators. It has been a busy morning in the Writhlington greenhouses preparing our plants for our sales table, shown below. We have plenty of […]