Masdevallia nidifica

Whilst watering my greenhouse today I noticed my Masdevallia nidifica was flowering.  I don’t think this orchid ever featured on Simon’s Orchid of the Day so I thought I would add this cute little Masdevallia. Masdevallia nidifica can be found growing wild in Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru in cloud forests between 450 […]


Fighting Legionnaires Bacteria

Periodically we have to flush through our watering system to prevent the bacteria causing Legionnaires disease.  Legionnaires disease is waterborne and harmful to humans. It causes a pneumonia like lung infection.  It is caused by inhaling bacteria infected water droplets.  I thought it was a good time to flush the system today as it is […]


Preparing for Autumn

One of my greenhouses, although situated under trees, has been shaded all summer with green net.  It is now time to remove this to give my plants a boost of light before the darker winter days.  My other greenhouse gets plenty of south facing light and I will leave the shading a little longer. The […]