365 days of orchids – day 321 – Trisetella heoijeri

The third of our Trisetella species is a really tiny miniature. The leaves are 8mm long and the tiny roots spread no further than 10mm from the plant. The flowers however are gigantic at nearly 4cm across.

The species is native to cloud forests in southern Ecuador at around 1800m altitude where it grows in moss and shade on trunks and lower branches.

We grow the species mounted and do not add moss when mounting as we find that moss can out compete the tiny plant. We then grow plants in deep shade and water daily.

We find that plants benefit from splitting before they get too large and start to go down hill when leaves start to die off and drop.

Another plant in flower at the moment is shown below. The moss grows naturally on the bark when we keep plants damp and shaded, we do not add the moss when mounting.


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