One of the biggest worries as a trip leader is having students that don’t eat properly and so get ill, however, this trip is worry free with everyone eating really well. Breakfast is a six course gourmet delight and enjoyed and devoured by all! Especially Devin.



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  1. Annie pj says:

    What a lovely picture makes my porridge seem a little dull!!
    Glad your all enjoying the food.

  2. Julie Bell says:

    Lovely picture, I cannot believe that Devin eats more than Matt !

  3. Looks like your having a lovely brakfast.

  4. Janet Barnes says:

    What a lovely photo of the whole group – although I have to say it doesn’t look like the picture in my head when you say the word “expedition”!! Don’t get used to it, you are lucky to get 6 courses a DAY in this house!

  5. David Read says:

    With two teenage boy’s away at the moment we’re having to write notes to remind us NOT to go shopping! Looks like a great spread you have there..Dev get some recipes if you can 🙂 Have another great day all.

  6. haley shackleton says:

    Lovely photo of you all. Only got picturetoday, I think I mucked up paul’s phone yesterday.