Webcam’s Launch

You’ve been waiting, we’ve been working, and finally we are ready to launch our ‘secret project’.  While you’ve been entertained by my image of the eye – Dan has been working with four old netbooks and seven webcams to bring you what can only be described as a unique insight into the Writhlington Orchid Project. […]


Himalayan wonders of the orchid kind – Part 2

Dendrobium densiflorum flowering in SikkimI am often asked the question “which is your favourite orchid?” a question I always struggle to answer definitively. Howerver I can tell you what my favourite orchid is today – Dendrobium densiflorum. This stunning orchid is one I have had the pleasure of finding in the wild in the Sikkim […]


Back to normal

I’m pleased to report that we are back to normal, with Greenhouse club now hiding in the ‘Propagation Zone’ of the greenhouse and production resuming in the Lab. There are a few changes however, as the photo above shows, all of greenhouse club now have school issued netbooks (I don’t get mine until September).  We’re […]