At home in the rainforest

The student team on this trip have been fantastic, and have seemed completely at home in the forest, meeting local scientists and VIPs,  or running workshops at MRSM. They have worked really hard and so it is great when an opportunity comes to have a sit down and what could make a better seat than a twisted vine deep in the rainforest – Tarzan has nothing on Issy.

I don’t think we have yet posted any fungi. This is odd as we have seen some spectacular ones. The best to date is this Veiled stinkhorn fungus (Phallus multicolor) seen on Santubong.


A living fossil on Santubong?

We have come across some great animals on our trip, but surely, one of the weirdest is this female Trilobite Beetle (the males look completely different) It is about 6cm long and is called a Trilobite due to its resemblance to the long extinct family of sea creatures, but it is not a living fossil, it is and insect, and a rather fascinating one.

Enormous thanks to our fantastic guides for the day on Santubong, Zulfadhi and Yeo. We will be keeping in touch for orchid related conversation.


Exploring Santubong with MRSM students

Santubong is the mountain we have been looking at since we arrived in Kuching and today we explored its forests with MRSM students.

We crossed rivers, climbed up and down ravines, and came across an array of Borneo’s biodiversity.

Orchids were not abundant but did include some gigantic Grammataphyllum speciosum

There were also the tiny flowering orchids Agrtostrophyllum tenue and Bulbophyllum coriaceum.


We also found some great frogs – one on a leaf:

and one at a waterfall – can you spot it?