Zoe and Zoe still at it!

Zoe and Zoe are continuing their blog on the RHS site.  Remember to check it at regular intervals!  Not even I can keep up with how many posts they’ve done and I work with them!

Remember that BGCI is fast approching and at that point I’ll be handing over to them for the duration of the trip.  I look forward to it as I get a week off!  We have a calendar on the dates page now giving more details of upcoming events etc.


Sikkim 2010/11

“Join us on a once in a lifetime adventure in the ‘Orchid Kingdom’ of Sikkim. You will be taken on a tour by our qualified conservation biologists and orchid experts. They possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the diverse plants and animal life of this region, and have the added ability to bring the stories of the Himalayas to life.”

To book, or for more information, about our Orchid tours to Sikkim in 2010 or 2011, visit the sikkim pages.


BGCI – Zoe and Zoe

I have competition!  As part of their exibit/workshop/expedition to Durban and the BGCI conference, Zoe and Zoe have started a Blog on the RHS website.

The good news for you, however is that we’re working on getting it fed right here for you to read.  Alternativly, you can head right on over to their base at the RHS site.  Durban being the next expedition, we plan to have daily updates for the duration of the show and in the build up.  Watch this space!