The clock’s ticking for Sikkim!

A soon as we get back from London we have the daunting prospect of going to Sikkim at the end of the week. For myself and Luke Shackleton (one of three Lukes) this is the first expedition with proper jungle and we are both very excited. Both Luke Lucas and Ben Stokes have been on jungle expeditions before but never to this part of the world.

Simon Pugh-Jones is the only one to have been to Sikkim before and informs us that it’s a brilliant experience. The final member of our expedition team is Lauren Walton from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, who is tagging along partly as the first-aider, partly as the second adult and partly for fun!

We fly out Friday afternoon meaning we get an a bus from Bath Spa at the extremely sane hour of 8:30.


Silver Gilt

In case you hasn’t guesed by the title of this post, we won a silver gilt! We’re very pleased about this as we thought our plants were only silver medal standard, and in places the moss on the display was not up to our usual standard.

We also had a record breaking saturday of sales meaning that we can eat in Sikkim! We celebrated last night with a pizza at ‘Frankie and Benny’s’ on Trafalgar Square and it was very nice indeed!

We’re all looking forward to a nice, profitable sunday, followed by getting back home after a great weekend. The brilliant news is that monday is an inset day for us, meaning that we can lie in monday morning as long as we like!


The Wellington Experience!

Everyone on the show team this year (except Stuart) has experienced the Wellington before, but that’s not going to stop us uploading photos to show you just how ‘great’ it is here!

Once you get past the very basic rooms and the breakfast of Ironed flat cheese and spam, it’s actually not bad!  On the plus side, we have all sampled the showers and agreed that they are very good!

Looking forward to getting our medal today.  Will next post tonight!

The basic room!
The basic room!


Photos from set up.

Well, that was quick!  Luke Shackleton was quick to straighten the pins in my card reader and we bring you three pictures from todays set up.