Chelsea 09

The chelsea countown begins! Well, we’ve been preparing for a long time, but it’s really close when the count down is in single figures!

The design team have come up with a brilliant design for the display that should be as good as ever, maybe even better.  The lab team have now got several piles of seedlings for sale at chelsea including Cymbidium whitea – our flagship species in Sikkim.  There should be a full list here by the end of the week.

It’s all go from here!


Sikkim team return!

We’re all back and completely jet lagged (or possible just tired), dehydrated (airline food) and in agreement that this was the most amazing expedition yet!

I apologise that I couldn’t update while out there but there wasn’t even the faintest sign of internet access at most places we went.  I will however upload lots of pictures and information about what we did to the Sikkim page.  I also took some video clips, so when they have been made into a video presentation-like thing I’ll upload that to the media library.

And I thought I had a quiet week-end ahead!


Sikkim Update

Ok, First of all I’m not the normal person to post here, on the homepage of the Writhlington Orchid Project website, so I do apologise if this is a little shabby.

Going back on topic now, I received an update from our team in Sikkim this morning.  The update tells us that in the first few days out their the team has been working with a local school, met the Governor and now spending some time trekking at 2100m.

So far this is all that we know as the message was a little vague as it came in the form of a text message.


Greetings from Heathrow!

Hello all, we are at heathrow terminal 5 and have found internet acess.  Everything is looking good for the trip and Mohan has aranged a meeting with His Excellency the Govener of Sikkim.

We go through security at 12:20 and board the aircraft at 15:00.  We’re all fairly excited and will posibly upload pictures once we’re airside and I’ve located my card reader!


Orchid Conservation International Meeting at Writhlington

We are really excited to be hosting this summer’s OCI meeting at Writhlington School.  The event will include a special lecture about the Writhlington Orchid Project, Have-A-Go-at-Microprop. sessions and tours of the greenhouses and labs.

The event is free to OCI members, £10 to non-members (refundable from OCI membership).