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We’d like to remind you that you don’t have to spend £114.51 on our book used!  You can purchase it from all good bookshops or from us direct for only £3.99 brand new.


Back to work

With OCI finished, our Year 11s now free of, well, everything and generally less ‘proper work’ to do we can get back to production.  Much has been happening in the Labs over the past week in that a huge pile of empty jars has appeared – now a large proportion are full!

Greenhouse tidying and cleaning has also been taking place as well as organising a delivery of fresh seedling kits to the Eden Project.

In general this time of year consists of production making it very nice as we can see a rapid shrinkage of space on the shelves in the lab.  The downside, however, is that it isn’t particularly interesting to write about!


OCI This Saturday

That’s right, this Saturday is the day that we’ve all been planning for the ages.  OCI day has arrived at last.  We’ve drawn up a full list of prices and activities now and have started planning those important things like parking and signage!

If you are coming on Saturday, we look forward to seeing you there!

If you’re not coming you can count on me to inform you of what you missed!


Price Standard:    £10
Couple             £15
Family             £20

Maps can be printed from Google Maps (or similar sites) when navigating to “BA3 3NQ”.  Car-parks will be clearly signposted from the school entrance (I’m told we’re using red prayer flags so you can’t miss it!)


Subscription is back!

Some of you may remember the newsletter subscription that was in place for a brief period a few months ago.  It was a good idea of mine – especially when I had a large amount of free time to write about what we were doing.  But as the GCSEs arrived I confess to neglecting our little newsletter…

It was during our little wsbeorchids-team meeting that we realised that there was no need to write a newsletter – we update the website and people can get updates from there…

Yep, you guessed it, you can now get E-Mail Updates from WSBEOrchids.  Now there’s no need to pay our humble site a visit every few days, simply sign into your e-mail and get our updates along with all those other newsletters!

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