More on South Africa

Partly because of the 2 year anniversary of our expedition to South Africa and partly because it’s on my to-do list, I’ve compiled a page of all the material including photos and press releases of our Cape Town project, both past present and future.

Expect more pages popping up over the next few months as I gather together all of the articles and photos from our other projects across the globe, but in the mean time, head on over to South Africa and test your Afrikaans (or your favourite translator) as well as having a look at photos from our display stand and visit to the Erica Primary School.


Cape Town – 2 years on…

One of the most rewarding things for me about the Orchid Project is starting conservation and education projects across the globe.  Some of you may remember our visit to Cape Town in October 2007 where we exhibited at the Cape Town Flower and Garden show and donated a Laminar flow cabinet to the Erica Primary School.

Well I’m very pleased to report that this project is going well!  Since our visit the project is building new greenhouses and has increased it’s Cymbidium collection.  They are selling and propagating Cymbidiums for fundraising for the project.

The principle at Erica Primary, Jonathan Dennis, has also provided me with a press release on the project and the story so far.  Have a look at the brand new Capt Town Project page for more information, including news articals and photo libraries!


Zoe and Zoe still at it!

Zoe and Zoe are continuing their blog on the RHS site.  Remember to check it at regular intervals!  Not even I can keep up with how many posts they’ve done and I work with them!

Remember that BGCI is fast approching and at that point I’ll be handing over to them for the duration of the trip.  I look forward to it as I get a week off!  We have a calendar on the dates page now giving more details of upcoming events etc.


Sikkim 2010/11

“Join us on a once in a lifetime adventure in the ‘Orchid Kingdom’ of Sikkim. You will be taken on a tour by our qualified conservation biologists and orchid experts. They possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the diverse plants and animal life of this region, and have the added ability to bring the stories of the Himalayas to life.”

To book, or for more information, about our Orchid tours to Sikkim in 2010 or 2011, visit the sikkim pages.