Our Lab manager is the Nose!

Now, we’ve been having a bit of an argument of late.  Many people believe that I am one of the red noses of RND2009.  I felt sure I could count on the rest of the orchid project to back me up in saying that I look nothing like it, but they have said they’d never seen such a likeness!

To settle this once and for all I have an easy comparison for you below!  Make your own mind up!



Circus Skills!?

At this point you may be wondering “What on earth does circus skills have to do with orchids?”.  Well the honest answer is – Nothing what-so-ever!  But it’s fun (so I’m told!).

Simon Pugh-Jones was previously a circus entertainer and as a result of this, many students learn’t circus skills about 4 years ago.  Today the clubs, balls and unicycle came back out of the cuboard and everyone’s been having a go.

So there, you didn’t expect us to be doing that today!  To be honest, neither did I!


Media Libraries

Granted – the Media Library has been a bit rubbish for the past few months but now it’s new, updated and you have no excuse to not visit it!

We’ve added four videos from the archives as well as Image galleries from our various expeditions, shows etc.  Once I perfect the art of shrinking photos to under our upload limit you can expect a lot more to start popping up!

Have a look around!