Thank you to my wonderful students and volunteers for a fantastic Show.

This photo of Chloe giving a native orchid propagation demonstration for the Hardy Orchid Day to a crowded room of enthralled visitors is a great example of the wonderful job the students of the orchid project have done this weekend at the British Orchid Show. They gave lectures, gave tours, looked after visiting traders and exhibitors, talked orchids with everyone and so much more.

The student team were supported by a great team of adults too. These were parents, ex-students, school staff and volunteers – an altogether fantastic team.

Thanks again to all our visitors – it has been a please to host you all.


365 days of orchids – day 678 – Coelogyne fimbriata

Today has been a fantastic day at the British Orchid show and the greenhouse has been full of people learning about our plants. One specimen that has surprised people just because of its gigantic size is this Coelogyne fimbriata which is more than 2m wide in all directions and 2.5m tall. It is covered with pretty little flowers but to be honest would’t make the neatest windowsill plant.

We do have much smaller growing neater clones of this very variable species that we have seen growing in Sikkim and Laos where it climbs through the lower branches in open forest at around 1200-1500m.

We grow this species cool (min 10C) in our cool Asia section and water well all year but keep it particularly wet in the summer.


Busy day at the British Orchid Show

Today started with Judges Breakfast and once the doors opened at 10am a stream of people kept the reception area very busy

There was lots to see – scientific information in the Atrium, orchid displays and sales

A very busy school orchid house

…and a full programme of well received lectures.

Thank to all those who worked to make the show such a success and to those who came and made it such an enjoyable day.

We open again tomorrow from 10am to 4pm.


365 days of orchids – day 677 – Oncidium longipes

We are having a great time sharing our orchids with visitors at the British Orchid Show and one species getting a lot of attention is Oncidium longipes.

Oncidium longipes is a Brazilian species and we saw it growing in the forests around Macae de Cima in our school visits to Brazil in 2000 and 2006. It is restricted to primary forests and grows in the mid canopy amongst other epiphytes in dappled shade and high humidity.

We find the species really prefers to be mounted where it responds by clothing the mount in growths that burst into flower in the Autumn. Flower spikes usually produce between one and three flowers but they are large for the size of the plant as seen here.

We have grown our plants from flask (they flower two years out of flask) and they show considerable variation in colour and patterning.


Amazing displays at the British Orchid Show

This morning was a busy one at Writhlington with our registrants arriving and setting up their diplays in the Post 16 building and Atrium.

By 4.30 displays were finished and we have had a very successful preview evening. Thanks to everyone who has contributed – our amazing team of volunteers, the wonderful students and all the visiting traders and growers.