365 days of orchids – day 214 – Odontoglossum rhynchanthum

This beautiful species is endemic to Colombia where it grows in cloud forest above 2000m. Authorities describe the species as producing 30cm spikes with up to seven flowers but our clone produces spikes to 70cm with up to twelve flowers. This year our specimen plant has thirteen spikes and looks amazing.

We grow our plants cool (minimum 12C) and damp all year.


365 days of orchids – day 213 – Bulbophyllum dolichoglottis

This miniature Bulbophyllum has unusual flowers with a remarkably long banana shaped creamy white lip.

It is native to New Guinea where it is reported at 700m altitude. We have seen similar miniature bulbophyllums in Laos and their habit is to spread so that they cover the trunk and lower branches of their host trees.

We grow the species mounted on cork where it multiplies rapidly. We spray it once a day and hang it in a shady spot in Warm Asia.



365 days of orchids – day 212 – Encyclia elata

We have seen this species growing and flowering in seasonally dry lowland forest in Belize. (photo below)

Forest here was semi deciduous with a wet summer and autumn followed y a dry winter and spring. In cultivation it seems to do best for us in baskets and pots in good light and well watered when in active growth and dryer at other times.

The natural range of the species extends from Mexico south to Costa Rica and across its range the flowers vary in colour from browns greens and yellows.


365 days of orchids – day 210 – Steils regina

This large flowered Stelis is endemic to Ecuador where it is found in wet cloud forest at 1800m. We therefore grow the species cool and wet all year. It  has flowers with a very attractive pink edging against the cream ground colour and our large specimen flowers for many months over the summer and autumn.

We find that growing specimen plants of Stelis or Pleurothallis is easier in baskets than pots as the compost says in good condition for longer and the plants can form a natural ball rather than growing out of their pot.