A detour to meet some dead plants

We have made it as far as London.  We have met with our forth team member Lauren and will be heading to the airport very soon. Lauren took us to see the Kew Herbarium where she works. It is the worlds biggest collection of dead plants …wow! In the photo you can see us looking at one of them. To find out more about the Kew Herbarium you could check the website.


Podcast: #1 Durban

Today bring our first ever WSBEorchids podcast.  This week, which will hopefully be the first of many, focuses on the Trip to Durban where members of the project shall be heading this evening.

We would appreciate any comments about what you think of the podcast as well as any questions.

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We are go for Durban!

Well, this is it!  Zoe, Zoe and Simon are en-route meaning we are officially in expedition-blogging-mode!  Remember that here is the best place to be for up-to-date information about the expedition, including photos etc.

While in Durban, the team will also be blogging to the RHS Blogs so be sure to check both.  If that’s too much work, however, and you subscribe to our RSS or E-mail Updates, then never fear! For every update to the RHS Blogs will also be put here!