Congress day

Today has been another very busy day. The congress started at 8:30 with speeches, two brilliant school choirs and then lectures. Laurens lecture was great and we also heard about work with medicinal plants in South Africa and other projects all over the world. As you can see we have put up our display and everyone has been really interested in our project.


Satyrium longicauda

The first orchid we managed to spot was the Satyrium longicauda, this was growing on the edge of a stream, in boggy ground. Mr Pugh-Jones says this is the most dramatic terrestrial orchid he has ever seen growing in the wild. I was pretty impressed too! In the reserve we did not just see orchids. We saw lots of other plants that we recognised like Clivia, Palms, tree fern and a large number of the Daisy family including a wild species of Gerbera. We also saw so amazing animals: a wide range of birds, zebra, impala, wildebeast, Vervent monkeys and creepy crawlies like enormous black and red millipedes. South Africa is a fantastic place. In the evening we registered at the congress and already have new friends from all over the world, cool. Good night from Durban.