The Wellington Experience!

Everyone on the show team this year (except Stuart) has experienced the Wellington before, but that’s not going to stop us uploading photos to show you just how ‘great’ it is here!

Once you get past the very basic rooms and the breakfast of Ironed flat cheese and spam, it’s actually not bad!  On the plus side, we have all sampled the showers and agreed that they are very good!

Looking forward to getting our medal today.  Will next post tonight!

The basic room!
The basic room!


Photos from set up.

Well, that was quick!  Luke Shackleton was quick to straighten the pins in my card reader and we bring you three pictures from todays set up.


Aaaand we’re off!

This is what all of the build up has been building up to. This weekend is London Orchid Show weekend! The trailer is packed, the plants will go in tomorrow at 4am and then we’ll be off!

If you’re going to the show – we’ll see you there, if not – why not?! If you’re not going you should be able to follow us right here, that is, if the things that look like wifi routers in the RHS hall actually are!

If you can’t tell from the number of explanation marks, we’re all rather excited!


483 Million Plants!

Well, Maybe not that many! But we do have a lot of plants both for sale and for display this London show.

As London week dawns and I rub of the ‘6’ an replace it with a ‘4’ on our low-tech countdown timer in the lab, we’re all excited at the prospect of a profitable weekend. We’re also excited at the realisation that the RHS hall has Wi-Fi router things! Meaning that we may be able to bring you updates from the show itself!

Very exciting, and it means that the picture of me isn’t the first thing you see when you log onto the site – marvellous!