Orchid evening approaches!

That’s right people! We’re now reaching the final stages of the ‘Orchid celebration evening’ preparations here at the Writhlington Orchid Project.  This includes tidying plants for the display stand and putting together our presentations for you on our past expeditions.

This will include a presentation from the Durban team, who’s blog you have been following on here or on the RHS Blog.  There will also be a presentation from me on the Sikkim expedition last April.  It’s looking like it’s going to be a good evening with some of our Year 8 students promising cake and biscuits!

Remember to come along on Monday 14th December (Yes, that’s next Monday!) to the school.  Bring £1 for entrance and prepare for orchids, education and refreshments!  I’ll see you there!


Logo chaos!

We’ve been having some debate recently as to whether our ‘logo’ (that you can see in the top left of this page, or on twitter if you follow us that way) could change every now and then, to add a bit of variety to the site.  Dan, who suggested it, is still adamant that playing around with photoshop is the best way to do this.  As I have next to no graphical design skill, I decided to attempt to make an equally fun version of our logo – but using A4 letters and people!

This worked well, until we realised it was raining!  Not to be defeated, however, we got out the umbrellas and have quite a good looking logo substitute if I do say so myself!

Website support in all weathers!

Here’s where Dan puts my efforts to shame with some flashy looking awesome graphical design thingy!

UPDATE: I’ve now uploaded the photos of us attempting to get into the beautiful formation you’ve seen above!  These include some of our practice attempts and failed photos because everyone wouldn’t stand still!


Orchid Celebration Evening

Well, this day was penciled into our diaries a while ago and it’s finally dawned on us that it’s now quickly approaching!

Our Orchid Celebration Evening is a great oppertunity for you to meet and get information from our growers of all ages.  We will have talks throughout the evening about recent expeditions, along with plant sales and those all important refreshments!

If you’re interested in attending this exciting evening of information (we should call it that!) then simply turn up at the school for 7pm on Monday 14th December.  Entrance costs £1 and all of the funds raised go to our partner schools, both in South Africa and in Sikkim.  We expect the evening to finish by 9:30pm.

Please Note
This is not the same date that has been advertised previously.  We initially proposed a ‘Christmas Open Day’ on Friday 11th December.  ‘Orchid Celebration evening’ is instead of this.


November Updates

Hello again everyone!  It’s been a while, but I’m pleased to be back to blogging!  A lot has happened in the past month (including a lot of work for me) so I’ve decided to condense it down into one – convenient post!

Firstly I would like to say a big big big ‘Thank You’ to the Durban team for essentially doing my job while they were in Durban.  Zoe Parfitt, Zoe Barnes, Simon Pugh-Jones and Lauren Gardiner kept the RHS blog updated frequently, meaning that all I had to do was to move the posts from there to here.

This brings me neatly onto the second point on my little list of things to mention.  The RHS blog that you were effectively following while the team were in Durban?  We’re keeping it going!  It’s a great opportunity for you to get to know some of our younger growers, as well as getting information about specific orchids and culture.  If this is as much of a success as Dan (our web admin guy) and I expect it will be, we plan to move it here to WSBEOrchids so you can ‘leaf’ through our archives.

Thanks also for keeping with us here at WSBEOrchids.  We do enjoy watching the little graph of hits skyrocket!  We also like watching different countries on our visitor map light up as we spread all over the world!

Remember that our media libraries are open 24/7 and we are constantly working to make this website better for you.  If there’s something that we don’t do at the moment that you think we should do – get in touch!  E-mail me at [email protected] with any and all comments, queries and suggestions!

Right, that’s about all from me at the moment.  Remember to keep checking back.  Subscribe to us either by e-mail, RSS or Twitter and remember to get in touch!