Full lecture programme for the British Orchid Congress

We now have the full programme of lectures for the BOC including the main congress lecture programme, on Saturday and Sunday, and the Orchid Conservation International symposium on Saturday.

BOC Lecture Programme

Congress lectures are free to registrants and cost £1 each for day visitors, except for beginners talks marked * that are free entry for all.

Saturday 27th October

  • 11:00 – Steve Manning: Masdevallias and Some Other Pleuros
  • 12:00 – Jerry Fischer: Paphs and Phrags culture
  • 13:00 – Zoe Parfitt: Orchid Growing for Beginners*
  • 14:00 – Mike Armstrong: The Genus Cattleya
  • 15:00 – Jeff Hutchings: Growing Hardy Orchids*
  • 16:00 – Henry Oakeley: The Medicinal Properties of Orchids

Sunday 28th October

  • 11:00 – Johan Hermans: Recent Orchid Journeys around the World
  • 12:00 – Richard Warren: Brazilian Orchids
  • 13:00 – Sara Rittershausen: Orchid Growing for Beginners*
  • 14:00 – Jerry Fischer: Phrag. kovachii culture, hybridisation and history
  • 15:00 – Zoe Barnes: Growing Orchids the Writhlington way*

Orchid Conservation International Science Symposium

In addition to the Congress lecture program, the OCI Science and Conservation Symposium on Saturday 27th October offers alternative lectures focused on current research into orchid science. Registrants have free entry to these lectures, or day visitors can register for the Science symposium and Congress Saturday for £10. (Please visit . There are four sessions each with two 20-25 minute talks.

  • Saturday 27th October
  • 9.30 Welcome address
  • 9.45-10.45    Luke Barnes – Changes in Orchid diversity with altitude, and over time, in the Sikkim Himalayas
  • Saul Walker – Orchids in Oz: A search for Dendrobium in the bush
  • 10.45-11.15  Coffee
  • 11.15 12.15      Karen Robbirt – The orchid (Ophrys sphegodes) and the bee (Andrena   nigroaenea); a tale of two phenologies
  • Brian Yap Jing Wei – The molecular phylogeny of Paphiopedilum section Barbata as inferred from low-copy nuclear gene and plastid sequences
  • 12.15-1.15 Dino Zelenika -Orchid Discoveries, Findings and Environmental Impact in a Remote Balkan Region
  • Odile Weber – Orchids in eMonocot – an online biodiversity resource
  • 1.15-2.45 Lunch (1hr 30)
  • 2.45-3.45 Ian Parsons – Designing Experiments with Orchids
  • Helen Millner – Pollination in Restrepia, using SEM to unravel the mystery
  • 3.45-4.00 Closing remarks and coffee



Tickets for the British Orchid Congress

Day tickets
Those who have not registered for the full weekend can purchase day tickets for the congress at the door (we are not selling tickets in advance as we have no limit on numbers)

These are:

Friday 26th October Preview evening (including buffet) – £12
Saturday 27th October Show £5
Sunday 28th October Show £5

If you want to register for the whole weekend or the OCI Science and Conservation symposium the go to here and register online or download a printable form.


Science and Conservation Symposium at the BOC

We are really excited that the British Orchid Congress will include a Special Science and Conservation symposium on Saturday 27th October.

The first ever symposium under the auspices of OCI includes lectures exploring a wide range of orchid research. Speakers include a number of early career scientists and the event is expected to generate some lively debate!


The OCI symposium forms part of the British Orchid Congress. The Congress runs from Friday 26th October until Sunday 28th October and features orchid displays and sales from across Europe as well as a separate lecture programme and tours of the Writhlington School Orchid Project facilities. Registrants for the OCI symposium will have free entry to the British Orchid Congress on Saturday 27th.


Registration for the OCI symposium costs just £10, Registration for the full three day congress (including the OCI symposium and many other events) costs just £25. Further details and an online/downloadable registration form  can be found at

Download the poster for the symposium below:

OCI Symposium poster