Himalayan wonders of the orchid kind – Part 1

Having just returned from a two week trip to the Sikkim Himalaya I can’t help but notice the wonderful Himalayan orchids flowering in the Writhlington Orchid Project greenhouses. I feel that one of the best things about growing exotic plants in a greenhouse is the way it transports you to the world’s most exciting habitats.

Dendrobium aphyllum in Sikkim

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Hello from Ike!

Hello, I’m Ike and as I’ve never done one of these before so I’ll go straight into it. I joined greenhouse/orchid club in year 7 (though I was ill for most of it) and have been a member ever since i learnt to ride the unicycle with Zoe B but have never attempted to juggle. I’ve been on two trips, one to Eden (you should try to go there its great!) and the other to Manchester for the big bang science comp’. I also did the go for set competition this year and look after the coelogynes. So that’s me and I hope to be writing a bit more on the web site in the future.



Back to normal

Back to normal in the 'Propagation Zone'

I’m pleased to report that we are back to normal, with Greenhouse club now hiding in the ‘Propagation Zone’ of the greenhouse and production resuming in the Lab.

There are a few changes however, as the photo above shows, all of greenhouse club now have school issued netbooks (I don’t get mine until September).  We’re also enjoying the fact that our base is actually in the greenhouses.  This means we’re much closer to the plants and makes us feel much more of a plant club than before!