RAIN Forest?

We always tell people that in the rainforest there is a dry period and a wet period, this was demonstrated perfectly where we got completely drenched after trekking in the forest completely dry. I don’t think any of us will complain about the rain in England, however did we get upset by the rain? Oh no we loved it, even though we were drenched from head to toe, you cant beat rain in a RAIN forest! The picture also demonstrates the spherical shape of each rain droplet.



Amazing orchid propagation workshop at Kitabi College.

A massive well done to my Rwanda team for a very successful and inspiring workshop this afternoon at the Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management. After a tour, dinner and further discussions with acting principle Richard Nasasira we spent the afternoon with the college’s diploma students.

The team presented our project with Zoe Parfitt describing the work of the Orchid Project, Zoe Barnes explaining how orchids are raised from seed in a laboratory and Jake Smaje describing the opportunities for Rwanda.

Zoe and Zoe then gave a brilliant workshop on de-flasking orchid seedlings using some of the Writhlington orchids imported for the expedition. An exciting discussion followed demonstrating the enthusiasm, commitment and interest of the Kitabi students. Remaining seedlings were distributed to the students and they all left with the challenge of de-flasking and growing their plants and thus helping to identify best practice under Rwandan conditions.

Zoe and Zoe de-flasking Writhlington seedlings at Katabi College Rwanda Zoe and Zoe de-flasking Writhlington seedlings at Katabi College Rwanda