How many experts does it take to name an orchid?

About 24 it turns out. Zoe did her usual trick of finding an interesting orchid under her foot while we were all looking in trees.
The tiny Polystachya growing on a stick that must have recently fallen from the tree above turned out to be Polystachya spatella. Orchid identification with our friends from Kitabi has been great fun and really rewarding.


Orchid of the day – Calanthe sylvatica


Two photos of this stunning terrestrial. We found it in swampy woodland on the edge of Kamiranzovu. It is about time the word ‘swamp’ was reclaimed as a good thing and its negative connotations forgotten. In Kamiranzovu today no one sunk without trace, no one was attacked by a mysterious swamp monster and we were surrounded by amazing plants and wildlife. Please do your bit to support the conservation of the world’s threatened wetlands or should I say swamps.


Micropropagation workshop day 1

Today was the first of our workshops training Kitabi staff and students orchid Micropropagation techniques. This picture shows Jacob leading on making up growing media.
Other activities included sterilising scalpels, tweezers and making stock solutions.
The enthusiasm of our Rwandan partners and the brilliant work of the Writhlington team made for a really enjoyable session.
One of the diploma students said of the day: “I am grateful for this opportunity I have had today. It was awesome, I got inspired by you guys. Thanks.”