365 days of orchids – day 255 – Malaxis porphyrea (?) (actually Malaxis kobi)


This is a terrestrial species with attractive non-resupinate flowers on short spikes from the centre of growths consisting of about three fleshy leaves. Unfortunately this is nothing like the true Malaxis porphyrea which is a terrestrial from arid lands in Mexico and Arizona and only has one leaf along with very small flowers…hmmm we need to do some research.

From growing the plant it appreciates damp and shade in cool Americas and so I assume that it is a South American species from cool moist forests. We will let you know when we get a positive identification. By the way the plant came from Burnham Nurseries.

Tallis has spent the day researching this species and it turns out to come from Java and be Malaxis kobi (Thank you Tallis)



365 days of orchids – day 254 – Dendrochilum magnum

This is by far our largest Dendrochilum species and September in Warm Asia is dominated by its long hanging spikes of yellow/green flowers and rather strange scent.

The species is native to the Philippines where it grows in mossy forest from 1600 to 2000m and we find it appreciates heavy watering throughout the year. The species makes a fantastic specimen plant and our largest piece currently has more than forty spikes making a wonderful display.

The scent  is sweet and reminds me of grass a few days after cutting. We have notices that flies in particular are powerfully attracted to the flowers but appear rather confused about what to do after they land.


365 days of orchids – day 253 – Dendrobium striolatum

This is an unusual species from Australia found growing on cliffs and boulders in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in exposed conditions. It copes with these exposed conditions with short (15cm) terete leaves and a slow growth habit.

Each autumn it produces one or two long lasting flowers from the base of this year’s leaves and the flowers are relatively large (up to 1.5cm) and non-resupinate (up side down).

The whole plant is pendulous and so we grow the species mounted on cork and avoid disturbance to its leisurely progress. This plant was deflasked in 200o and is still a smallish plant after seventeen years although it flowers regularly every year.


365 days of orchids – day 252 – Aerangis articulata

This large flowered species comes from Madagascar and Comoros Islands where it grows in shade on large trees.

The flowers are very fragrant at night to attract its butterfly pollinator and are pendulous so the plant does well in a basket.

We have had leaf burn from bright sunlight and so grow the plant well shaded in Warm Asia.