Meet the team- Heather

Some of you may know that myself and Zoe are travelling to Rwanda for 5 months. We leave today and will be keeping you up to date with our adventures. This will be my second time in Rwanda working with partners KCCEM. I was involved in the expedition last July where we set up an orchid micropropagation lab to grow orchids from seed. On this expedition we will be working with all KCCEM students and developing their laboratory techniques aswell as exploring Nyungwe National park.

We thought we would start trying to spot orchids in the airports rainforest.



Christmas comes early to Greenhouse Club

Orchid Christmas will be on Thursday 10th December from 6 til 9 and we will have the usual mix of great orchids, interesting activities, mulled wine and mince pies. Do come and join us for a good evening and some Christmas shopping. We are getting ready for the event by decorating the greenhouse Christmas tree – what a good use for the 2015 rosettes 🙂


Aquarium day two

Another busy day at the Bristol Aquarium and the orchid conservation display is finished.
50 orchid species, a living seed propagation display and supporting information look amazing.
We are delighted that Aquarium staff are really happy with our work and we are already talking about the next permanent display (cloud forest orchids?)
Well done to all the team, an achievement to be proud of.
We highly recommend a visit to the Bristol Aquarium. The marine, reef and freshwater displays are really impressive – and you get to look at the orchids too.