Work Experience – Day 7

Day 7 of my work experience was again an interesting day with a large proportion of the time spent in the lab. More replating was completed and my seed sowing skills have greatly improved after today’s sowing session. With the end of term nearing and thus my work experience,  I hope that the last three days will continue to be just as enjoyable and interesting as the last week and a bit.


Work Experience – Day 5 + Webcams

The re-plating of many of the old jars of orchids continued today along with the sorting of the lab, a picture of the newly re-plated orchids can be found below. This afternoon we are cooking up more re-plating media from bananas as we used all of it up!
Good news for the website is the return of the webcams which have been fixed by Dan and are now up and running on the website. This is the link as it is not yet accessible from the website,

More from me next week.