Hard at work

20140725-152113.jpg Today’s planned strength trail walk has been delayed until tomorrow due to a lack of guides and so today has been all about completing project work and analysing research data.
This photo shows Tom, Georgia, Maisha and Jacob preparing their report, Effective Capacity Building in Rwanda, for entry into the National Science and Engineering competition (With support from Amy).
Ike and Devin have been selecting and sending photos to our partner schools and Zoe and Heather have cleaned up the lab (despite never winning ‘Young Cleaner of the Year’


Exploring Nyungwe with FAWE and Collage Amis des enfants.

20140724-182029.jpg Hi Georgia here (on Simon’s ipad) We all had a wonderful day with the students of our final two partner schools; walking down hills, finding orchids, becoming landing pads for butterflies and walking back up the hills. Where did the time go? We hope they had as brilliant time learning about Nyungwe and orchids as we did sharing our knowledge.


Insects and Little things

We may be out here to look at orchids but the occasional small animal or insect has caught our attention, particularly if said insects happen to be marching across the path (first 2 photos), as was the case with the ants! The third photo is what we think is a flying ant, although their flight is a little erratic, leading to numerous collisions with peoples heads, the caterpillar is one of many that we’ve seen, all just as hairy. There have been quite a few frogs, although its possible that they have been harder to get pictures of than the butterflies due to their rapid jumping, normally just as you take to picture. The final photo is of a particularly large and dramatic blue butterfly that we spotted in the swamps, although there have been literally hundreds of butterflies about.
Ants across the path
Close up of ants
Flying ant?