Eden project initiatives

Eden - ansellia small

This week Dina and Hettie from the Eden project visited us to collect their order for orchids for the new display in the Rainforest Biome. We are really excited to be working together to design Eden’s first major orchid feature to take the prime spot just inside the Rainforest Biome. The exhibit will feature more than eighty charismatic orchid species all grown by Writhlington Students and will include information about the plants, their habitats and our work to support education and conservation.

The team are pictured here under our amazing plant of Ansellia africana. This plant was raised from seed in the Writhlington laboratory in 2004 and sold as a seedling kit at Eden in 2006. Last year its Cornish owners asked if they could donate it back to the school as it had grown too large for their flat! Next month it will be a feature plant for our display at the RHS london Orchid show (1st and 2nd April RHS Halls, Westminster).

As well as the new orchid display we are working with Eden to explore the impact electronic innovation by Mendip students can have on the visitor experience to the biomes.


Working with schools in Singapore


We have an exciting new project linked working with one of our industry partners ScienceScope and schools in Singapore. ScienceScope are developers of educational electronics and are providing data loggers to Singapore schools that upload data to the internet by SMS. Orchid project is working alongside the schools so that students in Singapore and the UK  can share data from experiments they devise. We are sharing our work vis the blog and data from the experiments is available through


Rwanda project features on University of Cambridge Botanic Garden site

We are delighted to again be working with our partners at the Cambridge Botanic Garden who are holding their annual Orchid Festival. News from the Rwandan schools orchid project is featured on their website here



Farewell KCCEM

Yesterday was the day we left KCCEM. Was sad to say good bye to our amazing students, but we leave safe in the knowledge our students will continue the project. We are both so proud of how our students  pick up the knowledge and are enthusiastic to teach future KCCEM students. Picture below is our students with their certificates.