Temprate/sub tropical

The section of the greenhouses we call Temperate/sub tropical has turned flat! By which I mean that there is very little plant action above the compost. We keep a minimum of just 4 degrees celcius in this part of the greenhouse so most of the plants lose their leaves in the winter and come back in the spring. The newly repotted Pleiones are just beginning to show above the compost and the Stenoglottis are sprouting their new growths so it wont be long before this section is full of leaves and flowers again.


Orchid propagation the curriculum

Year 10s hard at work sowing orchid seed

Year 10 students at Writhlington have the challenge of sowing orchid seed in aseptic conditions. In this part of the OCR nationals course students must demonstrate the ability to work safely and maintain aseptic conditions for the orchid seed they sow on a nutrient agar. This year the seed is Stanhopea tigrina, a fantastic species from Central America, and these girls are hoping that their work is a success and they have some plants to take home by the time they get their GCSE reults.