We’re going to the Zoo

This saturday (22nd May), the Writhlington Orchid Project will be taking part in a Plant Conservation event at Bristol Zoo Gardens.  If you’re in the Bristol area and are looking for something to do, I’d thoroughly recommend popping down to have a look.  In addition to us having a display, information and lots of enthusiastic students, there’s Bristol Zoo to look around.

I’m quite looking forward to this one!


WAOF: Lectures are a go!

One of the many things that I’m looking forward to about the Writhlington Autumn Orchid Festival are the lectures.  At WAOF this September we are planning to have lectures from students at the school about various international expeditions.  I’ll be doing one on Sikkim and the Himalayas and Zoe and Zoe (who you may remember from the RHS Blog) will be talking about Durban.

This isn’t the really exciting bit though!  The most exciting bit is the venue for these lectures.  One of the advantages of having our brand new school is that we have a rather large theatre to play with.  We had a meeting with the theatre manager today who is also excited about this upcoming event and will be adding his  magic touch to make this even better.

Hang on tight – This event is shaping up to be even better than I first imagined!

The new theatre


Himalayan wonders of the orchid kind – Part 2

Dendrobium densiflorum flowering in SikkimI am often asked the question “which is your favourite orchid?” a question I always struggle to answer definitively. Howerver I can tell you what my favourite orchid is today – Dendrobium densiflorum. This stunning orchid is one I have had the pleasure of finding in the wild in the Sikkim Himalaya and have grown in cultivation since the age of 14 so it is rather close to my heart.

Dendrobium densiflorum flowering in Sikkim

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Himalayan wonders of the orchid kind – Part 1

Having just returned from a two week trip to the Sikkim Himalaya I can’t help but notice the wonderful Himalayan orchids flowering in the Writhlington Orchid Project greenhouses. I feel that one of the best things about growing exotic plants in a greenhouse is the way it transports you to the world’s most exciting habitats.

Dendrobium aphyllum in Sikkim

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