Barkeria melanocaulon

Barkeria melanocaulon (common name ‘Dark stemmed Barkeria‘) is often found growing on boulders and trees, in the transition zones between deciduous and dry forest of central Oaxaco state of Mexico, and at elevation of 1600 to 1700 metres. Barkeria melanocaulon is grown in warm to intermediate conditions with moderate sunlight, so we grow it in Cool America. Barkeria melancaulon flowers in the spring and is currently in flower in our greenhouse.


Prosthechea vespa

Prosthechea vespa is an amazing orchid.  It comes from South America, and can be found in Warm America in our greenhouse.  It grows in shady areas, in humid substrates with moss and loose soil.  There is also a Prosthechea vespa alba which has the same shape flower but it is plain white.



Prosthechea baculus

Prosthechea baculus grows in central and south America and, in our greenhouse, can be found in warm America. It has flowers quite like the Prosthechea cochleata but it only has two flower which are held back to back.  This is where it gets its name.  Like most Prosthecheas, it is another upside down orchid.