Valentine’s Orchids?

No Valentine’s day would be complete without a mention of pretty flowers! Today we came into the greenhouses to find all of our Cattleya coccineas in full flower. It’s as if they’re trying to tell us that they are better than roses…

I don’t know about making controversial comparisons, but I definitely think this plant deserves to get a word in! Here it is flowering in the wild, in Brazil. What do you think?


Cattleya trianae

Cattleya trianae also known as Flor de mayo (May Flower). It comes from Colombian and is the Colombian Nation Flower this means this orchid need warm to intermediate conditions.  Cattleya trianae is a vigorous grower with two growths a year. Cattleya trianae was named after the Colombian botanist Jeronimo Triana. Cattleya trianae is currently out in our greenhouse.