365 days of orchids – day 23 – Dendrobium lankaviense

Dendrobium lankaviense

This is the first flowering of a small Dendrobium (though it may grow much bigger). It was wrongly labelled (with a miss spelling) and so Jess and Joe have been working to identify it correctly.

It comes from Malaysia and Thailand and is reported as growing in lowland forests up to 800m altitude. We grow it mounted and in Warm Asia where it has grown rapidly from a small seedling. It flowers from older pseudobulbs which have lost their leaves and so over time will produce a much grander show of flowers.

It seems to grow continuously and is currently adding to last year’s and this year’s growths and so we keep it watered throughout the year.


365 days of orchids – day 22 – Masdevallia triangularis

Another Masdevallia for you today. Masdevallia triangularis is a striking small plant with relatively large flowers that are kind of triangular. The flower has lovely red/orange spots and long straight tails.

The species comes from Venuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and with such a wide distribution it is not surprising that the species is quite variable with colours from yellow through to dark orange.jan-masdevallia-triangularis