Devon orchid weekend

Up this morning bright and early and ready for another day on the stand.  After school on Friday we packed all the plants into the van and travelled down to Dawlish where we set up the displayl.  This took us 3 1/2 hours and we got to bed gone midnight. On saturday we were judged and 2 of the plants on our display won rosettes (the Dendrobium cutheertsonii and the Pleurothalis vellucosum ).  There wasn’t that many people but it was still a good day.  We are hoping for another good day and maybe better. 


Getting ready for Laos!!!

Selecting the flasks of orchids that we are going to take to Laos.

16 DAYS TO GO!!!!! It really has flown, and we can barely contain our excitement. Today we have been carefully selecting the flasks of orchids that we are going to take with us to Laos. It finally feels like we are actually going now that it is becoming a list of jobs we need to do now, rather than a list of things that will be done ‘sometime in the future’. So as you can well imagine, this first thing that we can tick off the list feels truly amazing. a sudden realisation of astounding truth. There really is only 16 days to go until we leave. And that is going to go in the blink of an eye.