FAWE girls in the forest

We have finally got WIFI back! Girls from FAWE School arrived at KCCEM on Tuesday evening and it was an early start on Wednesday to explore Karimanzpvu and research the micro habitats of the orchids growing there. Girls worked in groups of three to gather data and then wrote about their observations for an article to be published in the UK. More updates tomorrow,



All 27 students on the KCCEM Wildlife Management Diploma have now successfully carried out orchid seed sowing and re-plating. Big thanks to Zoe and Heather for setting up the lab so brilliantly last August and Annie for working so hard today.
Seed sowing was greenpod of Polystachya adansoniae a gorgeous small flowered epiphyte found in the swamp forest around Kamiranzovu swamp.
Students from FAWE School arrive tomorrow.


Arrived at Kitabi and a busy first day

We arrived in Rwanda on Saturday and reached KCCEM in time to unpack and eat before bed. Good news, all our equipment arrived safely with only a few glass jars broken.
Today has been a long day working with KCCEM diploma students. A four hour walk around Kamiranzovu Swamp to identify orchids and other rare and endemic flora followed by an afternoon and evening making growing media and sterile water for a lab day tomorrow.
We had a thunderstorm last night so the electricity has been off until now. More posts tomorrow when Internet available.