Thankyou Dan Groves – for all your work in the past seven years

I hope everyone likes the web cams. I keep logging on to check the greenhouse at night and suprise suprise ….it’s dark. Teachers! Anyway, I couldn’t let the chance pass to thank Dan Groves publically for all his work on and earlier versions of the orchid project website. Dan has now finished his sixth form studies and is off to university in the autumn. It is fair to say that without Dan’s flair and technical know how there wouldn’t be a and it has been a real pleasure to let him do his thing. His efforts to set up the web cams powered by scrap netbooks and costing almost nothing to the project is an act of pure genius. By the way, the cameras update every 60 seconds and we will soon be adding information about what each one is showing.
Once again, thanks Dan, and I look forward to keeping in touch through the virtual world for many years to come. Simon Pugh-Jones


Term 6

And so begins term 6, the last part of the summer term.  In this term a lot will be happening in preparation for our grand opening event and the Writhlington Autumn Orchid Festival.  We’re still not quite sure whether these events will clash to become one, big, super-event or not; either way, it’s going to be good fun.

The start of term 6 also marks the start of Exam Season.  Technically it’s been Exam Season for three weeks already, but I’ve managed to scrape by with only 3.  Over the next three weeks I’m going to be working hard with lots of revision, so will leave you in the capable hands of our trainee bloggers!


Still Plodding On

With the royal visit over and term coming to an end, everything in school is slowing down but the greenhouse never stops.  The orchid project goes on over the holidays.  Plants still need watering, lab still has work to be done and the website won’t run its self, we will still be here over the holidays.  Still updating you.


A right royal day at the greenhouse

As Luke posted, today we had the honour of HRH the Duke of Kent at Writhlington to officially open our new school and, of course, no visit would be complete without a proper tour of the greenhouses. Greenhouse club were in position to tell him about their ochids, the habitats they come from and other interesting facts. Here is a selection of highlights:

Caroline – “Somehow I forgot to say ‘your Royal Highness’ and just said ‘Hi’ but he seemed quite happy and was really interested in Masdevallias.”

Ike – “He was brilliant”

Zoe – “He was interested to know what we do.”

Mitchell – “I was suprised and pleased with how much time he spent with us. He asked some really intelligent questions.”

Matt – “it was fun to have him here and a really good experience”

Definately a good day and we’ll add some photos when they are released by the press.