Look out for on the green cams

All though all the webcams are not up and running you can still see some of what is going on.  This week You can see us labeling plants with price labels, getting ready for the London show, and for some different name lables as some of the plant names have changed like sophronitis has changed to cattleya and a few others.  Also the orchid of the week is back up and running to help keep you on top of what is going on.


Valentine’s Orchids?

No Valentine’s day would be complete without a mention of pretty flowers! Today we came into the greenhouses to find all of our Cattleya coccineas in full flower. It’s as if they’re trying to tell us that they are better than roses…

I don’t know about making controversial comparisons, but I definitely think this plant deserves to get a word in! Here it is flowering in the wild, in Brazil. What do you think?