365 days of orchids – day 176 – Pleurothallis gracillima

This species of Pleurothallis is native to the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador. It is another from the Specklinia section and is a small growing species that produces masses of flower in the summer.

We find it grows well mounted or in pots and is fast to multiply into a strong clump that can be divided into new plants. We grow the species in Cool Americas with lots of water especially in the summer when it is in most active growth.



365 days of orchids – day 175 – Pleurothallis pterophora

This small growing Brazilian pleurothallis is one of our favourites. It has a strong fragrance of bananas and the small flowers are long lasting. We find that it prefers growing mounted where it can receive heavy watering but have perfect drainage.

This is part of a large group of Pleurothallis recognised as a subgenus or even the separate genus, Specklinia. These species produce lots of small flowers on short spikesĀ and most make wonderful small growing species in a collection.


365 days of orchids – day 174 – Cattleya gaskelliana

This large flowered Cattleya species is native to Colombia and Venezuela where it grows from 700m-1000m altitude making it a little cooler growing than some of its close relatives. We find it enjoys our Warm Americas section (min 15C) where we grow it in a basket of open compost. The large fragrant flowers of the species typically have light pink petal and sepal apart from the yellow and purple on the lip.

It flowers for us very regularly in early summer just before sending out the new growth.